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Coal Power Plant

Written By AS TEKSIN on Rabu, 15 Mei 2013 | 5.52 AM

 Coal Power Plant 


Coal power plant is a power plant that uses coal as fuel. The working principle of coal power plant is a coal-yard of Coal will be transferred by using a belt conveyor to the coal bunker. Coal from the coal bunkers will be destroyed in the Pulverizer so it becomes very soft powder. From Pulverizer then circulate to the burner on the boiler, in this area will be combustion burner and will heat the tubes in the boiler. Due to this heating water in a tube going up above the boiling point to produce steam, then steam is used to drive turbines that function to produce mechanical energy to drive the generator. In this generator of electrical energy generated by the principle of changes in the lines of magnetic force.

For the water-steam cycle usually use a closed cycle in which water used to produce steam main is the same water that the Circulate and continue to be used for the next cycle, it is only necessary to add water (makeup water) when the volume of water is less than set point her.
Water used is treated seawater using MED (Multi Effect Desalination) into fresh water. Furthermore, the water is purified through a process of filtration and ion exchange system through Water Treatment Plant equipment. Pure water that has been processed through the Water Treatment Plant is channeled into the water charging system boilers. The process begins with the initial combustion in the boiler where to start burning fuel oil used as fuel, but when the load has reached 30% then the furnace is hot enough and began to include coal as fuel until the load reaches 100%. After the temperature in the boiler has sufficient fuel oil to be replaced with coal.
Water will be pumped using a Boiler Feed Pump (BFP) through Economizer then subsequently taken to the Steam Drum. In the steam drum is separated between the steam and water. Fluid which still has a liquid phase is circulated through Wall Tube to be heated which is then channeled back to the Steam Drum. Vapor phase in Steam Drum channeled toward primary superheater and then proceed to the Platen superheater and Secondary superheater. After going through the superheater, the superheat steam flow to the High Pressure Turbine (HP Turbine) to be expanded. After experiencing an expansion in the turbine the steam pressure and temperature will decrease the output of the turbine so it needs to reheat. Performed in Reheater reheating.
From Reheater, steam will be entering the Intermediate Pressure Turbine (Turbine IP) and then proceed to the Low Pressure Turbine (Turbine LP). At Turbine energy change of thermal energy that brought steam into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy in the form of round rotor is used to drive turbine generators. In the generator mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.
Steam coming out of the LP turbine and then condensed in the condenser with seawater as cooling water medium. Therefore, the vapor condenses on the output conditioning condenser in order fluid material unless the state of saturated liquid minimal. Charging system of water into the boiler from the condenser is pumped by Condensate Pump streamed to Deaerator, where water that has been entered will first be passed Condensate Polishing Plant and heating low pressure Low Pressure Heater channeled toward Deaerator.
In Deaerator separated O2 and other non-condensable Gases. Water that has undergone a process deaerasi is accommodated in a Storage Tank to be channeled into the boilers at the next cycle by using the Boiler Feed Pump.
Water is pumped to the boiler filler Boiler Feed Pump for the first flow is passed High Pressure Heater and economizer to heat the water entering the boiler at or commonly known as preheater before entering the steam drum. Deaerator and high pressure heating gets heat from steam turbines or retrieval (Extraction Steam Turbine). As for the economizer is getting heat from boiler flue gas remaining after heating the superheater. After water vapor from the economizer and water will be accommodated in the steam drum.
This cycle will always be repeated endlessly (closed cycle), although repetitive but still need the addition of more water from the Water Treatment Plant to the condenser for the looping of water due to evaporation of water leaks and steam heat in the heating process or also the reduction of water by blowdown system.
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